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1541 East Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX

“Get Cookin” is, to a chef, what “Play Ball” is to a baseball player!

So After some time out of the kitchen, I’m “Back in the Game! Those creative juices are flowing and I am so excited about “Incognito Winery” and my partner’s Charlie & Kim Smith. The charming space and romantic atmosphere will be coming soon, here in Rockwall ! The food will have a rustic Tuscan overtone, with high quality fresh ingredients, prepared with the classics in mind to go with our superb wines. I’m still putting the finishing touches on the kitchen and the Menu, so you can say it’s a work in progress. Check back for more details, and in the near future I will post New Items, Specials, Pairings and what fabulous items I found at the Fish Mungers, Farmers Market and Butcher’s shop that will be for dinner !

See you soon !

Chef Kenny

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