We have been working for a year to open our wine bar in Rockwall, Texas called “Incognito Winery”.

We focus on deep red wines from Napa and the Northwest and have many different varietals for you to taste. Check out our About Us page to learn how we began this journey.

We have faced many challenges along the way with buying, shipping, finding fruit, buying in bulk, and storage along with renovating a building and gutting it completely. We visit our fruit growers and wine makers a couple times a year, and check on our wines, as well as taste them, and meet with new people to find the best of the best to offer to you. We will be continuing to bring in new wines several times a year, but they will always be deep, bold reds that are comparable in taste!

We also offer white wines, Blush, Rose, Moscato, and others for those who prefer lighter and sweeter wines.

We are nearing completion, and excited to start this journey. We look forward to you visiting and introducing yourself and sharing your wine story as well.

See you soon!!

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